Installation supports are the sub-structures which carry the gravitational or lateral loads of installations (pipe lines, cable trays, ducts, HVAC utilities, etc.) in constructions and are to fix them to main structures. Vestadezh modular installation support is a general term for a package of products made of prefabricated galvanized steel frame profiles and connectors (with different section sizes), bolts and nuts.

Here are the advantages of applying such systems:

Vestadezh modular supports do not need on-site welding and all the members are installed only by using bolts and nuts. These supports can be designed to be able to sustain static, dynamical and seismic loads in both vertical and horizontal directions. see seismic products of Vestadezh

Using the wide variety of our products, you will be amazed by our engineering solution and services.
For any type of installation including pipes, ducts, HVAC equipment and etc. with any size and application method there is a suitable package in Vestadezh product list

Installation Support Components:

Prefabricated installation supports are commonly used in projects in two ways:

1- U-shaped structure which is made of two threaded rods as a hangers and a galvanized steel mounted profiles as the seat of the facility.

2- U, L or F structure, which is made of one or tow mounted profiles with variable length as hangers and one or more profiles as the seat of the facility. The profiles are attached to the ceiling or floor by the base-profiles. To assemble and complete the frame shape, there are lots of profile connector provided by Vestadezh which can be selected according to the design and loads criteria.

These components of the frames are connected to each other by screws and Easy locks of Vestadezh. Using screws and Easy Lock enable users to install much more easily and quickly.

Advantages of modern supports:

  • Reducing construction time and improving installation ergonomic conditions.
  • Increasing the life and efficiency of mechanical and electrical installations.
  • Reduction of corrosion in frame members as galvanized coating is used, better performance of corrosion resistance of profiles and pipe fittings.
  • Reducing welding volume and thus reduce rigid joints. Welding costs and non-destructive tests are omitted. As a result, the flexibility of the structure increases and therefore the structure has more earthquake resistance.
  • Optimization through advanced engineering design to obtain precise analysis that leads to more stability with less expense.
  • Assembling without any damage to the main structure
  • Better looking appearance.

Optimized shape of the products and lower ratio of weight to resistance is the result of engineering design and usage of analytical and simulation software and standards including ASTM, DIN.

Products classification:

In order to make products selection easier for customers, we divided Vestadezh modular support products to 3 different categories:
Our supports have the ability to support all types of fasteners, sliders and profile fittings.

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