Company Profile

VESTADEZH Company has started its production activity since, this company has been developing the modern installation support systems with respect to the advancement in building industry technology. This collection utilizes the most advanced technology and relying on the creative and experienced engineers, it has been able to produce high quality product.

VESTADEZH is one the first manufacture of modern utility support systems that has ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001 certificates. The activities of this company are the manufacturing of products such as different types of pipe clamp and installation supports, providing consulting services and execution suggestion.

VESTADEZH Company has played an active and productive role in some the important projects all over the world. Now, we have 3 branches and more than 20 dealers in different continents.

The accurate designing and analyzing with software and laboratory as well as the high level of expertise in the field of installation support system made the Company able to provide various types of support.

Now, by relying on more than 250 people staffs including labors, R&D members, commercial and financial experts, sales team, managers and every other staffs and human resources of VESTADEZH Co. (which are the most important asset of our company) and 3 factory sites in different regions with up to dated technology and a precise development plans, we are  ready to present our products and services to customer in all over the world.

Board of Directors:

Mohammad Razeghi

M.Sc. Mechanical engineering

Chief executive officer

Member of the board

Adel Shokrinia Omran

Civil enginner

Chairman of the Board

Member of the board

Saeed Hadian

Civil enginner

Vice president of the board

Member of the board

Executive Managers:

Alireza Talebian Sharif

M.Sc. earthquake engineering

Export and Business Manager

Yousef Azizian

Civil engineer

Logistic Manager

Our Approach

How we do business
is as important as
what we do

We provide products and solutions that help people design and build safer, stronger and more reliable buildings and structures.


lasting relationships

We are committed to build a business for the long term, developing relationships that last. We want to be a well-managed organization that people are proud to work for, has the trust of our clients and the communities we serve, and minimizes its impact on the environment.


  • Relentless Customer Focus
  • Long-Range View
  • High-Quality Products
  • Be The Leader
  • Everybody Matters
  • Enable Growth
  • Risk-Taking Innovation
  • Give Back

The value driver Vision & People further develops the values of trust and integrity, the commitment to Health & Safety and the desire to be at the forefront of sustainable construction solutions and innovation. We want to foster an entrepreneurial leadership style and a focus on the long-term success of VESTADEZH.