VESTADEZH Company pursues the following below goals in order to pay proper attention to environmental issues and strive to reduce safety and health risks and environmental aspects:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of HSE management system
  • Commitment of the company to reduce the risks and potential harmful factors of health, safety and environment resulting from activities, products or services to a minimum

In order to achieve the above goals, the following below measures are considered:

  • Establish enforcement practices and create a culture of attention to HSE
  • Providing facilities, safe and healthy equipment and maintaining them in safe conditions
  • Explicitly articulate problems and issues as well as promote participation in HSE topics
  • Develop training courses to increase the ability of employees to work safely and maintain their health and provide the necessary conditions for training courses as well as raising talented staff awareness by referring to the general HSE regulations
  • Waste management and optimal use of resources and energy
  • Reduce and, if possible, avoid emissions and discharges that are harmful to the environment
  • Reduce potential harmful factors and adverse environmental impacts of new and development plans / services and products to a minimum

Vestadezh’s products comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards in the construction support industry and the company also creates the necessary executive programs to ensure compliance with the rules and procedures and beside that, it implements HSE principles with proper planning and training.

On the other hand, by minimizing the risks and protecting employees and other stakeholders and prevention of wasteful use of resources and air, land and water pollution by using appropriate technologies and operational methods, it has a continuous and continuous effort to maintain and promote the health of all stakeholders.