Product manufacturing and technical design

Nowadays Solar energy which is categorized among renewable energies is counted as one of the most important sources of energy. In order to provide fast and facile operation for sub-structures of solar panels, VESTADEZH renewable energy department provides a complete package of products and engineering solutions for customers.

All profiles are made of ST37 galvanized sheets and their joints are made of ST37 sheets. after the construction stage, hot deep galvanized coating applies on products according to ASTM A123 standard so that the structure has the necessary strength against environmental conditions and their corrosion resistance will increases. It should also be noted that VESTADEZH parts are manufactured according to valid international standards such as DIN, ASTM standard and ISO standard.

The structural design of cold formed steel structures and sections, or so-called CFS, is done according to the standard and regulations of the American Steel and Iron Institute (AISI) in the renewable energy department of VESTADEZH Company and all design outputs are classified and controlled accordingly.


Products produced by VESTADEZH Company that are used in solar structures, according to different variables (project location, regional conditions, type of use, type of solar panel, etc.) are divided into two categories: light duty products and medium duty products. Are classified as follows:

Light duty system:

Medium system: