R&D Services

  1. Production of outcomes with methods under standards ASTM, DIN, ISO
  2. Compliance of manufactured products with the product performance standards such as the production of Sprinkler clamps according to DIN standard and receiving international UL approval for it.
  3. Ability to produce parts based on the customer’s order and make the desired changes in the customers wanted application
  4. Periodic optimization of products in terms of dimensions and quality of production methods.
  5. Providing technical data related to each product and each family of product, including dimensions, Design loading in the desired application conditions.
  6. Provide innovation solutions for optimal use of products in technical and executive designs.
  7. Product catalog with details to provide for the customers and sales team.
  8. Develop the installation methods and methods of using products in fluent and straightforward ways and schematically.
  9. Generate content in the form of periodic articles for each family of products.
  10. Receive approvals and technical certificates from reputable centers such as the road and housing research center of Iran and the national standards organization.