Cable Support systems

Use to wire rope is a new method for supporting of HVAC equipment, Electrical services, pipework, etc. There are three reasons for using of this support system:

1) Time saving

Save times for installation of your suspended services when use our cable hanger kits, as traditional suspension methods. Not only is the installation faster, no pre-work, such a cutting or filing, is required.

2) Health & Safety

Our cable hanger kits are ready-to-use straight from the box, removing the need for potentially hazardous cutting on site. One box of standard cable hanger kits weighs just 8 kg, doing the same job as 150 kg of threaded rod and strut. Not only is the weight and bulk of materials to carry reduced, but also the time spent working at heights.

3) Aesthetics

Our cable hanger kits are lightweight and virtually invisible from ground. Comparing cable to threaded rod, the difference is easy to see.

Cable supports have a wide range of applications. In the following we introduce them

Mechanical & HVAC Suspension


Cable support system are designed to save you time, and labor costs, thus improving the efficiency of your installation. Flexibility of our system allows suspension of services from any angle, whilst maintaining unyielding support once in place. Ready-to-use kits with your choice of wire length and end fixing, there’s no need for tools and time spent working at height is significantly reduced. Our cable support use to pipework, air duct, etc.


Our cable support range and hangers for electrical applications has been developed to provide a fast and versatile solution for suspending all types of electrical containment. Wires can be pre-installed prior to module installation and provide the added option of installing from the ground. As a result, installation time is dramatically reduced compared to traditional methods, with no need for cutting or bending rod into place.


Our system range of pipework supports and hangers has been specifically developed to provide a fast and versatile solution for suspending all types of pipework. Supplied in ready-to-use kits, the products in this range require no on-site cutting and eliminate the need for fabricating pipe bracket assemblies, offering enormous health and safety benefits for your project.

Properly-engineered bracing and isolation of these services is particularly critical for essential facilities that must remain operational in the aftermath of an earthquake or seismic event (such as hospitals, fire/rescue, water/power, etc.), or facilities representing a substantial hazard to human life (such as schools, jails, etc.). Our bracing Systems are specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure suspended non-structural equipment (VAV boxes, fans, unit heaters, small in-line pumps, etc.) and components (HVAC duct, conduit/cable tray, and piping) within a building or structure to minimize damage from an earthquake or seismic event.

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